To our dear friends and customers,

This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write for our restaurant. We will be closed for an indefinite period of time starting Dec. 17th, 2020. We did not choose this and remained open for carry out through the first shutdown and once dine in opened we tried to make ends meet with only 9 tables open while bringing back most of our staff. We would love to stay open for you, but each week has continued to be harder financially and while we can’t imagine not opening our doors each Thursday, Friday and Saturday, we can’t continue losing money each week. Our plan is to reopen when we can reopen our dining room fully, but will keep you updated if that would happen to change. Thank you to each one of you that has continued to come faithfully to help us keep our doors open.
Let’s all continue to pray for all the people across our country that have been affected by this pandemic through illness, death and the loss of so many small businesses and jobs.

From our family to yours,
Thank you for your support of our small business and the kindness and love and relationships that we’ve formed in the past 21 years since my first day as a server. We appreciate you all more than we can say! Our hope is that you would have a joyous Christmas and the New Year would truly be a new beginning for all of us! A year of beauty and many blessings! We look forward to the hope of reopening and serving you in the New Year!

JR, Ruthie
and the whole crew at Dutch Family Restaurant.


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